Expand your horizons with zoglair addons

A zoglair addon is an installable zip file that either changes or extends the program's default functionality, as well as the look and feel of it, without actually modifying its codebase. It is similar in concept to a plugin, module, component, extension or how it is called in other systems. Visual products, such as themes, templates, skins, styles or just plain graphics, are also addons for zoglair, because they are handled in the same way as the functional ones: they are all installed through a relevant task in the program's backend interface.

  • Addons: Skins

    Skins, templates and graphics (2)

    This category contains skins, styles of zoglair stock layouts, template modifications, graphics, images or other visual elements and decorative items that have to do with theming in general.

  • Addons: Localization

    Phrases, translations and lexers (1)

    This category contains translations of zoglair stock phrases or other 3rd party addons, search engine lexer extensions (stemmers), and anything else that has to do with localization in general.

  • Addons: Import - Export

    Importers - Exporters (1)

    This category contains addons that deal with importing and exporting other CMS databases to and from zoglair, respectively, as well as conversions of specific data tables to various file formats.

  • Addons: System

    System components (1)

    This category contains system components, libraries and utilities, such as database drivers, cache managers, cron tasks, units, etc, as well as compound addons that span more than one category.

  • Addons: Clips

    Clips and others (0)

    This category is mostly about clips, the fundamental content providers in zoglair, but can also contain addons that do not fit in any other existing category.


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