Why zoglair may not be good for you

Zoglair has a certain philosophy for doing things that may not appeal to everyone. Especially to people with previous experience in similar software. For your convenience, here is a list with those aspects of its personality that can be taken negatively, considered as shortcomings or even showstoppers!

Community Support

Apparently, if community size is the number one criterion for you, zoglair cannot be an option. It is a new player with zero community. Even if it gets popular, it will never be Joomla!

Does one size fits all?

This is a crucial question to ask yourself, because the “one size fits all” mentality is the driving force of this software. Speaking about out-of-the-box functionality, zoglair wants to be good at anything rather than best at something. This means that if you are willing to work with it and build upon its foundations, you will be rewarded. But, if you are after the best take-your-pick script in the market (which does one thing and does it plug-and-play well), then zoglair may not be good for you.

Text Editor

This one may strike you badly, as it is really unusual. Most, if not all, systems out there offer a WYSIWYG editor, usually TinyMCE or CKEditor. Zoglair uses its own - text - editor. As a matter of philosophy, not technical difficulty. In fact, it is much more easier to integrate a plug-and-play editor, than develop your own.


Zoglair in Action

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