This is an important and frequently used table, holding various pieces of text, mostly found inside zoglair source code as string literals. Although this table's primary purpose is the localization (~translation) of the program's interface, it is also used as a storage of user text entities that are too few to justify their own separate tables, such as your site's menus.

The phrase form contains the following fields:

Edit phrase error.base

  • Addon ID
    The ID of the Addon row, to which this phrase belongs.
  • Name
    The phrase name. It must be unique and a combination of at least 2 nodes, delimited by a dot. The first node is used as a namespace (~category) and the second as the specifier of the particular phrase.
  • Text
    The phrase text (multilingual). Some phrases accept parameters, numeric or named (depending on the source code using them). Parameters are enclosed in %.

Handy Tip

Phrase shortcut for thumbnails You may use phrases as shortcuts/variables in your content. One fine example is the various thumbnails embedded in your articles. Let us say that you have chosen to use left-aligned, 200px-wide thumbnails.

Instead of directly embedding an image thumbnail:

{{123 |200x0}} Some text...

(123 is an example image id) may use a phrase:

{[var.thumb,123]} Some text...

(to create this phrase, just click on the icon in the phrase grid, and fill the form as per the screenshot)

What is your gain from doing this? Huge! If you ever change your mind about the alignment, dimensions or any other image parameter (class, styling, etc), you can edit your phrase accordingly, and have the result applied everywhere instantly! Can you imagine doing that manually over hundreds of articles?

The name of the phrase is not restrictive. As long as it is a valid phrase name, you can name it as you want. You can also create as many phrases as you need. However, it is recommended that you use the “var.” prefix to classify them as “variables” and make it easy to locate.

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