Search Index Build

Loop: Search Index Build This loop (re)builds the search index used by the “byMap” search plugin, if selected in the relevant System setting. If you have chosen “google” as your site's search engine, then this loop is of no use.

The following fields are available:

  • Min Term Length
    The minimum length of a term (~keyword) to be included in the index.
  • Min Term Whitelist
    A list (comma or space delimited) of terms you want to be included in the index, even if their length is less than the minimum specified.
  • Max Term Length
    The maximum length of a term to be included in the index.
  • Excerpt Length
    The length of the search result displayed excerpt to be saved in the index.
  • Stop Words
    A list of common terms that are to be excluded from the index, even if their length is equal or greater than the minimum specified. If your site's content is multilingual, you have to enter stop words from all used languages and - for max savings - all inflected forms of those words.

Please, be aware of the fact that lowering the minimum length and/or reducing the stop words list, can have a significant impact to the size of the generated index. The search system uses 2 tables for its index, named “term” and “terms” respectively. You won't find them under the Database menu, because they are not meant to be edited by you. You can, however, see them in the database Schema. There, you can inspect their sizes and see how the different build options affect them.

For the time being, the search index is not automatically updated. This means that you have to manually rebuild it whenever new content is added and you want it searchable.

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