System Requirements

Zoglair is a cross-platform application written in PHP, the world's most popular server-side scripting language. It requires a web server, with the following components:

Any version with mod_rewrite support.
Series 5 (five), with GD support (graphics module).
Any version, unless you publish content in more than 2 languages. In that case, 5.0.3 or newer is required.

It is designed to be fast and efficient, yet powerful and flexible. Even on modest hardware, with no acceleration and caching, it performs more than adequate consuming less resources than rival implementations.

Web sites powered by zoglair, using the default templates, support all modern browsers. JavaScript is generally not required, although it is highly utilized when enabled.

Alternative web server?

Zoglair is based on the MVC software architecture, utilizing the Front Controller design pattern. This means that all requests are routed through a single entry point, namely its index.php. So, unless the web server redirects URLs to this file, zoglair simply fails to work.

In Apache, this is accomplished with a trivial mod_rewrite command inside an .htaccess file:

RewriteRule ^.*$ index.php

If you can duplicate this URL rewriting feature on another web server then you are good to go, as zoglair has no other Apache dependency.

Alternative SQL server?

Database access in zoglair is provided by a distinct and separate layer, in the form of a plugin. It is worth mentioning that unlike most other applications, there is no raw SQL throughout its codebase, except in this layer.

Database plugins are fairly easy to write and there is a chance that someone else has already written one for your favorite DBMS.

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