A block, in ZML, is one or more continuous paragraphs, grouped semantically with an opening and closing block tag. Block tags are the only ones that share the syntax of BBCode:

[tag arguments]...[/tag]

The arguments in the opening tag are optional and depend on the tag in use. Zoglair comes with the following block tags:


This tag is suitable for displaying preformatted text, such as source code snippets and program output. It uses a fixed-width (monospaced) font and preserves spaces and line breaks.


private static
function render_bloc_code($text, $args)
    $text = highlight_string(stripslashes(trim($text)),TRUE);
    $text = str_replace("n",'',$text);
    $text = zoglair::encode_text($text);
    return "<pre>$text</pre>";


This tag is suitable for keeping content hidden, unless the visitor clicks on a button to reveal it. It accepts the button's text as an optional argument. If none is given, a default “Spoiler!” text is used.

[spoiler Example]
At the end, the protagonist dies!


This tag is most useful on a discussion board (forum), as it is traditionally used for quoting past posts. It takes a lot of arguments, all of which are automatically supplied by zoglair, when used in a topic's post list.

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