Forum Rules

The following rules and guidelines apply to all forums in our Discussion Board. Some forums may impose additional rules, specified in their sticky README.1ST message. You are advised to read those messages before posting.

First things first

Before posting/submitting anything/anywhere, make sure that you have read, understood and agree to our Terms & Conditions. Pay special attention to its “User Content” section. In short, once you make a post, you lose the right to demand its removal. So, if you are one of those that - when disgruntled - your first reaction is a “delete all” type of message, then don't bother joining us. In fact, don't bother visiting us at all.


Double accounts - active or not - are strictly forbidden. If you get caught, they will be permanently suspended (banned)!

The language barrier

All posts must be written in English. They don't need to be grammatically and/or syntactically flawless. They do, however, need to make sense. And this is where machine translations fail. Please, refrain from using such tools to write your messages.

Before creating a topic

Make a reasonable effort to find out whether a similar topic already exists, or the subject of your topic is clearly addressed in our documentation. In other words, use the search box and RTFM!

Topic titles

An ideal topic title is the one that communicates fully the topic's subject matter. The reader should be able to decide whether they are interested in that topic or not, without forced to reading it. Don't be lazy when filling the title field of your topic. Use as many characters needed (and allowed) to make a good summary of your post, preferring keywords over common words.

  • Don't shout (/whisper), by using all caps (/lowercase) characters. Make your title appear as a proper sentence with proper casing.
  • Don't be over-dramatic, by using words such as “please”, “help”, “SOS” and “urgent” in your requests for help. Stick to the description of the problem at hand. By the way, do not use the word “problem” to describe a problem!
  • Don't be over-enthusiastic, by repeating characters and punctuation marks, more than it is grammatically (or aesthetically) necessary.
  • Be specific - not vague. For example, if you have an installation problem, don't title your topic as: “Installation problem”. First, you used the word problem. Second, such a title (with or without “problem”) tells absolutely nothing about the particular problem of yours.
  • Use the proper grammar tense to convey your message. If you are going to ask something, then your title must look like a question - including the trailing question mark!

Help requests

Be very clear about your problem and provide all technical details required to resolve it. Take your time to evaluate your message, like it was written by someone else. Does it make sense? Is anything missing? People reading it, cannot guess what is in your mind and/or your computer. Please, do not expect replies asking for more information. Give it in advance.

If your problem is Internet Explorer related, then you must mention its version.

Prohibited content

Spam, trolling, sexually oriented, profanity, rude, racist, illegal, personal attacks, privacy exposure, aesthetically unpleasant, NSFW.

Content, in this context, means any type of user submitted elements (addons, posts/comments, signatures, avatars, images, etc), including the ones found in linked documents.

Last but not least

It is practically impossible to spell out each and every case that may arise. Human interaction is just too complex to fit in a page of text. Use common sense to understand the spirit of these rules, not their letter. And the spirit is that we want to maintain a very high signal-to-noise ratio in a website that is comfortable to read and learn from.

Anyway, if you get a notice/warning from a staff member, or have your message edited/removed, don't take it personally and - most importantly - don't fight it. Moderation actions are not open to debate.


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