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Information collected automatically while surfing through this website's pages, as well as the data you voluntarily enter in the Contact and Registration forms, are used solely by us and are not published or in any way transferred to third parties, unless we are enforced to do so by a court order from and to the authorities. Storage and processing of your private data is in accordance with the Greek (Ν. 2472/1997) and European legislation.


Like all interactive Internet sites, uses cookies for identifying visitors. This is the only way so that our server remembers your preferences, as well as your surfing is unhindered, without prompting for a username and password on each page, in case that you are a registered user.

You may configure your browser to not accept cookies from our site, should you wish to do so.


Access to any of our resources is logged in special files, named access logs. Specifically, your IP address, browser (user agent) information, date and time of access and the specific url requested (page, image, file, etc). This is an automated procedure specified by the HTTP protocol, which is used by all servers and sites in the Internet. Through this information we check our site's operational status, as well as we create valuable (to us) usage statistics. Access logs have a limited lifespan as they are periodically (every 1 month usually) processed and deleted. What remains are collected statistics from which extraction of specific access details are no longer possible.

In addition to the above mentioned data, we use javascript for finding out your local time and screen resolution. This information is processed in the same way as above (that is, collectively and not isolated) and help us to make our pages friendlier to use.

As in the case of cookies, you can - if you wish - disable javascript through your browser's settings.


Our Contact form has similar semantics to an email sent from you to us. In fact, this is exactly what is happening behind the scenes. You message may be kept for future reference, depending on its subject, possible reply from us, etc. No other processing is taking place. You email is considered strictly confidential and is not disclosed to anyone. You will never receive unsolicited mail from us.


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